Education & Training

As the field of Addiction Science continues to grow, IAS recognizes the importance of training and education both for the community and for future Addiction Science professionals.  We are dedicated to developing novel addiction science training and education programs for members of the USC community, the residents of Southern California, and the general public.

IAS shapes the future of addiction science by offering first-rate training and education opportunities to students at any point in their career development. In order to achieve transdisciplinary innovation, IAS recruits students from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. Whether you’re an undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, or postdoctoral student, IAS has a program fit for your career and education goals.

Minor in Addiction Science

Undergraduates in Addiction Science will broaden their understanding of addiction through a “cell-to-society” lens.

Training Program

IAS offers two different training programs for undergraduates who want to gain more experience in addiction science research. We accept undergrads from any health science related field (ex: psychology, public health, pharmacy etc.) and strongly encourage underrepresented students to apply. Students who participate in these training programs will gain exceptional research experience and will be become competitive candidates for Masters and PhD programs. Students will also be matched with accomplished mentors who are experts in the field of addiction science.


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Student Association for Addiction Science (SAAS)

For more training, networking, professional development, and collaboration opportunities, please consider joining the Student Association for Addiction Science.