What We Do


Transdisciplinary Science

IAS cultivates new addiction science collaborations that cross disciplines and produce innovative, high-impact, and adaptable scientific evidence that can be readily disseminated to practitioners, policy makers, and the general public.

Training and Education

We are proud to develop novel addiction science training and education programs for members of the USC community, the residents of Southern California, and the general public.

Dissemination and Community Service

IAS disseminates evidence-based knowledge about addiction outward to the community and public to increase awareness, correct misperceptions, counteract stigma, and guide policy for addiction and recovery in local, state and national agendas.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to alleviate the massive society burden caused by addiction through science and evidence-based education.

Our mission is to become the premier hub for creative, transdisciplinary addiction science and intervention for rapid and substantial impact on preventing addiction-related disease and promoting recovery.

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