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Recognizing the outstanding base of addiction experts at USC and that interdisciplinary collaboration among them had historically been underleveraged, IAS was launched in July 2018 under the leadership of Adam Leventhal (IAS Director, Preventive Medicine) and John Clapp (IAS Co-Director, Social Work) with 30 inaugural faculty members across 5 schools. Institute Startup was supported by financial seed funding for IAS membership interaction activities by the USC Office of Research Collaboration Fund and IAS leadership salary support by the Keck School of Medicine and Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. A $467,000 gift from the Red Rosebud Foundation in April 2019 supported hiring an IAS director of operations, which accelerated the Institute’s productivity and scope of programming.

Since its inception, the Institute has successfully mobilized and expanded membership to over 80 faculty from 10 different schools, colleges, and hospitals, developed a programmatic agenda and strategic plan, established an organizational structure, and made important initial achievements in transdisciplinary addiction science, training and education, and community engagement.


What we do:

Transdisciplinary Science

IAS cultivates new addiction science collaborations that cross disciplines and produce innovative, high-impact, and adaptable scientific evidence that can be readily disseminated to practitioners, policy makers, and the general public.


Training and Education

We are proud to develop novel addiction science training and education programs for members of the USC community, the residents of Southern California, and the general public.


Dissemination and Community Service

The Institute for Addiction Science engages with, learns from, and serves the community by disseminating evidence-based knowledge to increase awareness, correct misperceptions, counteract