Student Assistantship Program

Undergraduate student assistantships are available to students through the USC Institute for Addiction Science (IAS). Qualified students from programs within USC (e.g., human biology, psychology, pharmacology, neuroscience, health promotion and disease prevention) and at other institutions, including recent graduates, are welcome to apply. If positions are available, student assistants work with IAS staff on a variety of Institute related tasks.


Responsibilities may include:
  • Preparation/development of research, educational, and marketing materials
  • Assistance with outreach efforts for IAS and USC community to cultivate addiction research collaborations
  • Utilize social media outlets to disseminate the Institute’s accomplishments and research publications to the general community
  • Conducting community needs assessments and assistance with community engagement activities
  • Assist with the development of new community service endeavors
  • Disseminate IAS updates to USC and community members about events, publications, grants and other relevant information
  • Support IAS hosted events, speaker series lectures, member events, town halls, student association events, etc
  • Support administrative efforts to maintain general operations of the Institute
  • Creative projects as needed (i.e. website maintenance/design, graphic design, media editing, etc)

Undergraduate student apprenticeships are a great way to gain initial exposure to innovative, collaborative program planning in preparation for higher education.

We prioritize assistantships to students who are interested in committing to:

  • Two consecutive semesters of volunteering
  • 8 hours of volunteering per week
  • A full day of availability or two 4-hour time slots during normal business hours

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Vickie Williams at

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