IAS Organizational Structure

IAS is the nation’s first university-wide transdisciplinary addiction science institute. We are a comprehensive, transdisciplinary, and collaborative unit that compliments school/departments.

IAS provides a home for different types of disciplines to come together and connect, unifying across different disciplines.  We support new initiatives through funding, infrastructure, and core resources. We encourage the enrichment of the environment through recruitment of trainees to diversity the pool of faculty and early career investigators.   We have created a setting for these disciplines so people can pull together to help incubate ideas and generate novel products which education, research, and community engagement.  

What  sets  IAS  aside  is  that  we  strive  to  do  research  that  makes  a  meaningful  impact  going  beyond  just  the disease. The  Institute’s  goal  is  to  make a  meaningful  impact by changing  standards of  clinical  practice,  improving health equity, shifting  stigma,  increasing  addiction  science  practitioners, transforming  intersecting  disciplines.


We are proud to develop and offer novel addiction science training and education programs for members of the USC community, the residents of Southern California, and the general public.




IAS cultivates new addiction science collaborations that cross disciplines and produce innovative, high-impact, and adaptable scientific evidence that can be readily disseminated to practitioners, policy makers, and the general public.



IAS engages with, learns from, and serves the community by disseminating evidence-based knowledge to increase awareness, correct misperceptions, counteract stigma, and inform policy.