Masters in Addiction Science

Learning Objectives

The purpose of the MAS is to prepare graduate students for work in social work, public health, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, other healthcare related fields, or professional careers within biotechnology research and development with a focus on addiction prevention, treatment, and research.  The MAS will also aim to supplement the knowledge of professionals currently working in their field with skills in addiction science. The program aims to provide skills in public health, social work, psychology, pharmacology, toxicology, and policy, through coursework and independent research.  MAS graduates might be employed at leading research universities, in industry, government, professional counseling, health care, or in any research-centric arena.


MAS graduate students enrolled in the program will be able to:

  • Apply real world knowledge to problems arising within medicine, pharmacy, social work, psychology, neuroscience, public policy, population science, public health, and other health professions and academic disciplines
  • Compare and contrast laboratory, social, and clinical research methods to facilitate optimum translational research
  • Construct and implement research designs across a variety of technologies
  • Produce and interpret research outputs with relevance to fields within addiction science
  • Incorporate and advance current knowledge in Addiction Science
  • Develop professional and ethical skills related to research and application of addiction science