Current and Ongoing Research

Newly Funded Grants


NIDA R25:  Rising STARS (Scientific Training in Alcohol Research and other Substances) Program

PI:  Daryl Davies, PhD, USC School of Pharmacy

Rising STARS is a partnership of USC-IAS with CSU Los Angeles (CSULA) and Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science (CDU) to enhance diversity in the next generation of addiction scientists.  For this program, USC, CSULA, and CDU undergraduates from historically underrepresented minority groups will complete didactics and do placements in one of 28 Program Faculty Mentor’s Research Labs.  This is the first program of its kind and will inoculate students early to the cell-to-society “Addiction Science” perspective that IAS has pioneered.  IAS program faculty mentors come from a breadth of disciplines spanning Pharmacy, KSOM, Price, Social Work, and Viterbi.  Rising STARS will facilitate a pipeline for program graduates to matriculate in to graduate programs at USC and elsewhere.


NIDA R21:  Acute effects of sweet flavoring and nicotine in e-cigarettes on brain activity during food decisions

Principal Investigator: John Monterosso, PhD, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

Co-Principal Investigator(s): Kathleen Page, MD, Keck School of Medicine and Alayna Tackett, PhD, KSOM Department of Population and Public Health Sciences


NIAAA K23:  Estimating the Contribution of Alcohol and Metabolic Risk to Liver Disease Progression to Inform Personalized Interventions

Principal Investigator:  Brian P. Lee, MD, Keck School of Medicine

Currently Funded Grants

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USC Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science (TCORS)

The USC-TCORS conducts research on the use and health effects of specific e-cigarette products across populations. USC-TCORS studies e-cigarette product characteristics and marketing approaches hypothesized to increase tobacco product attraction, use, and addiction in youth and young adult non-smokers and have little impact on tobacco product use in older smokers.

Product standards and marketing requirements limiting non-combustible products to protect young people, while minimizing collateral effects on switching in adult smokers, would satisfy FDA’s mission to protect the overall population. The USC-TCORS provides evidence to forecast whether such requirements have equitable impact across vulnerable groups defined by ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and sex that are affected by widening tobacco disparities.


Current TCORS Projects:

Effects of Social Media Messages and Marketing on Tobacco Transitions 

Principal Investigators:  Jennifer Unger, PhD and Jon-Patrick Allem, PhD, KSOM Department of Population and Public Health Sciences


Influence of Tobacco Product Characteristics and Marketing on Diverse Populations of Vape Shop Customers 

Principal Investigators:  Steven Sussman, PhD, PAAHB, FAPA and Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, PhD, KSOM Department of Population and Public Health Sciences


Product Characteristics, Marketing, and E-cigarette and Cigarette Use Across Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Principal Investigators:  Rob McConnel, MD and Jessica Barrington-Trimis, PhD, KSOM Department of Population and Public Health Sciences


Human Laboratory Research to Inform Precision Regulation of E-cigarettes Across Populations 

Principal Investigator:  Adam Leventhal, PhD, USC Institute for Addiction Science


For more information, please visit the USC-TCORS website.