Affinity Groups

Policy Icon-01

This group of faculty members focus on research, publications and advocacy to support evidence-based policy development. 

Translational Psychobiology Icon-01

The goal of the translational psychobiology affinity group is to bring together psychobiologists to bridge the gap between bench and bedside, and to facilitate the flow of scientific discovery to practical application. 

Education Community Engagement Icon-01

This affinity group is responsible for enhancing addiction related education from the community level throughout the highest levels of higher education to enhance our community’s ability to serve and treat individuals with addiction. 

Service Deliver Icon-01

Addiction service delivery is a complex phenomenon that requires scientific rigor to support evidence-based activities along the entire spectrum of service from prevention to sustaining recovery.  

Health Disparities Icon-01-01

Researching the social determinants of health, health disparities and other confounding factors contributing to our nation’s addiction crisis is the focus of this affinity group – a true collaboration amongst a large number of disciplines.